I’m so challenged by this sense, and how it relates to design. So rather than force a monologue that doesn’t come naturally, I’ll relate the topic to my day.

I was invited, by a sweet sweet gesture, to come to a dinner party tonight with girls (women) that work on the hill. As we flurried around a small galley kitchen, sampled baked Brie, drank wine, became vulnerable, I was suddenly nostalgic for Shauna’s Bread and Wine. As I fed myself, and in fact I overly nourished my body. I realized that I wasn’t actually tasting the food. Which is really just a shame considering the amount of calories I was consuming. It was filling my plate one minute and gone the next. Salad. Macaroni. Chicken. A chocolate chip cookie.

I don’t know about your mother, but mine always used to get so flustered by the idea that she would slave in the kitchen and we would consume the fruits of her labor within 5 minutes. I am going to make a point to truly taste, to make the next meal a culinary experience.

There’s been quite a bit of chatter this week about not rushing life. I need to embrace the moments that so often pass me by. Cherish the time that the Lord gives me. Glorifying him with my every thought word and deed. Tasting with every bite the gifts that He spills into my life and into the lives of those around me.

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This is the most obvious of the senses in relation to interior design. These days the lens that intrigues me most is the explorative kind, the one that keeps me guessing. I think my future husband has a lot of hard work ahead of him.

Shaw spoke poetically about the digital world curating and altering the way that humans experience day-to-day life. We live in a technology-driven society intrigued by illusion, and teetering on a tight-rope of reality versus the abstract.

You’re mysterious, hard to know, but so anxious to share. It’s that moment when you experience a best friend staging her latte in just the right light to capture what’s going to look like such a beautiful and peaceful moment in time. (Reality: Hair in knot on head. I just burned my tongue on this dang latte. I’m late for 2 things that I accidentally double booked. I forgot to charge last night, so my iPhone is dead, and I’m actually taking this photo with my friends android that I don’t even really know how to use.)

Our generation is so desperate to share ourselves, and to be dangerously different, and yet, we are so quick to distort reality in order to conform.

Relative to interior design, the market is creating hidden spaces and details that are anxious to be discovered. Feeding off of that romance to create “Blurred Lines”, distortion, and fog.


Maybe I’ll start to design mirrors in unusual places to infuse self-reflection into an increasingly masked society.

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Touch. This is not one of my love languages. Romantically, I don’t know a lot of things about myself, but I do know that.

However, poetically speaking, humans are increasingly attracted to texture because of our escalating dependance on technology, the dimensional world that we live in expotentially degraded to a 2d computer screen. We all know those friends, the ones you’re trying to share your heart with as they incessantly scroll through their Instagram account, where people and their experiences are invariably more interesting than reality. Pause. There’s something hideously false about that statement.

Tactility evokes connection. A designer’s ability to sculpt in a way that ignites human contact. Our world is becoming less and less about color, and more and more about the artistry of a simple action; to feel. What is it like to truly feel something? To relay a concept through deep ridges, pillowy feathers, and intricate perforations. To puncture smooth surfaces with interest, to surprise someone. Something an iPad, a Droid, a Hp Laptop can never deliver.


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Sensory Overload

Wake up. Snooze. 3 times. brush. dress. makeup. car. dry cleaners. honk. park. headquarters. coffee. praise. breakfast? no. email. so many emails. to do list. so much to do. drawing review. specs. table design. meeting. emails. so many emails. lighting design. meeting. specs. breathe.

Sometimes in the midst of a monotonously crazed day, these continuing education breathers that Marriott affords me are exactly what I need. Most weeks, I don’t make it to these hour lunch meetings. But this week, I made an extra effort because of the intriguing title, ColorSense. Shaw Hospitality Group showed an exhilarating video that changed today’s train of thought, probably even my week’s. Of course, ten minutes in, I had to leave because I had a meeting about custom ballroom lighting, but even that snippet of visual inspiration was enough to last me until 7:30 tonight when I finally made that long walk to my trusty Altima.

“As we shift towards urban living and a faster pace of life, reigniting the senses becomes paramount. We will go beyond the visual aesthetic, seeking immersive experiences that raise our awareness of sensory influences, to engage us and create direct human connections.”

I don’t know that I fully agree with their definition of “the senses”. Did they go to elementary school? They define the human senses in the following 8 categories. Touch, sight, time, place, balance, taste, wonder and possibility. Where I come from there are only 5.

Touch. Sight. Taste. Smell. Hearing.

I think I’ve found the next 5 days of blog posts. Are you in?

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P is for PARADOX

I have been most excited for this trend, the anticipation building. And now, the clock strikes 11:40 and I have 20 minutes to get the post to my page, and me to my bed before my brain swirls into complete meltdown.

I hope that these images will speak louder than words, because I think the whole idea behind these untamed, loose geometrics is so artistic and beautiful. Taking away the severity of something to make it approachable. It’s like breathing new life into something so worn out.

I think this trend speaks truth to the entire point of 2015. There are no rules. To be modern is to be wholly original, and to breathe new, innovative life into old things. Not that I’m ready for January or anything, because let’s face it, snow really isn’t my friend…



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I cleaned my staircase today and realized just how removed I am from a life of luxury. Very. 1.15 years and 5 girls worth of hair and dust on those puppies, need I say more?

On a serious note, design trend 3. The luxurious facade, which is all about the finishes. Similar to Dory, shiny things always excite me. And this season, it’s all about the warm metal. Brass is back ladies and gentleman. Not that I was alive when brass was born the first time. My coworkers like to remind me of that often. Perks of being the youngest by ten years in your office? It’s all so new and exciting!

I’m all in. The silver, gray, and white-blanketed spaces are already starting to bore me. Bring back warmth, bring back luxury.

…And by all means, let me introduce you to matte black. He’s the true 2015 star.


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In the spirit of Spontaneity, I’ve decided that missing yet another couple days of blogging this weekend was going to have to be okay. Mostly because I was on my death bed with a nasty illness, it doesn’t deserve any more words that that. And now, here I sit, peacefully blanketed on my rickety 1800’s back porch, anthro candle burning, latest issue of DWELL by my side. Thankful for today. Ignoring the inevitability of tomorrow.

Design trend number 2. I think “trend” is really the wrong word for this, because, in my eyes, bold innovation, artistry, is truly timeless. I’ve always said that the reason I’m in this career, the most beautiful moments that interrupt a space, are the elements of surprise. Discovering the designer’s most intricate details, and the intention behind each of those small decisions.

I was reminded of what a true artist is a couple of weeks ago when Jose Andres graced Marriott Headquarters with his presence. For those of you who don’t know who Jose Andres is, you should do as Lisa always says to do, and google it. But if you’re too lazy, I’ll give you a short synopsis. Not only is he a renowned restauranteur, but he was named one of the top 100 most influential people in the world. His ability to take an ordinary idea and ricochet it as far “out of the box” as humanly possible, is breathtaking. The amount of passion behind his voice was, well I don’t even know if the word inspiring does it justice. His interiors are no different than his cooking. Barmini is one of my favorite hotspots to take out-of-town guests, a “Cocktail Lab”, a once in a lifetime experience.

barmini-by-Jose-Andres-by-Core-Architecture-Washington-DC-07 barmini-by-Jose-Andres-by-Core-Architecture-Washington-DC-06


I’ve learned over the past couple of years, that achieving the right artistry in design is about knowing where to place these special elements within the envelope. Every puzzle piece doesn’t have to be special. Where is your money-moment?

I could talk for hours, but then, why would you be willing to hire me if I just gave away all my secrets? I’ve decided that these (4) posts should be spoken through the images I’ve pulled, inspiring you in whatever way your imagination will allow.



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